About Bildsache

The mere existence of Bildsache is coincidence.
I am not a professional photographer and all the years I had never bothered myself with making any of my photos publicly available. To be honest, I sometimes did not even follow up with making them available to my family either. It goes without saying that I strongly protest against the assumption this might have been the reason for them to give me this blog as a Christmas present...

The whole photography thing started back in the Seventies. I was a boy of ten and my father had just bought a brand new Olypmus 35 RC when we went on our first winter holiday. Was it that I didn't like to follow the instructions of the skiing instructor or did photography itself attract me that much - I can't remember. What I do know is that from the fourth day on I seized every opportunity to avoid skiing and walked around taking photos instead. And even today I like to think back of the many afternoons I spent with my dad conjointly being silent in the black & white laboratory he had installed in my grandmother's bathroom.

Of all the topics I came across it was the fascination for architecture and arts in general that prevailed. During my studies, which I graduated in history of arts, musicology and medieval literature, this predilection turned out to be helpful. Later on we had kids and other subjects took the lead.

I stuck to analogue photography for quite a long time. The Olympus was followed by a Nikon F301, which was replaced by a Nikon F3 (including my first shift lens, a PC Nikkor 28mm) during my studies. When my father died as early as 2002 I inherited his Leica R8 equipment and kept on using it until 2008 when the digital age finally hit me. Since then I am carrying a Nikon D 700 with various lenses, amongst them a PC-E Nikkor 24/3,5, which I prefer for many architecture shoots. The latest addition is a Panasonic DMC-TZ101 which proves to be a great alternative on longer hiking tours.



If you feel like leaving a comment or should you wish to obtain a photo without watermark or in HiRes for your own purposes, please send me an email describing your project. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

I hope you enjoyed my site and to see you back again some time.